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World War I & II

The impressive First World memorial in the church was a starting point for stories told by 2 of our volunteers from the church. The children found out that the names carved into the stone represented ordinary people whose lives were cut short when they were young. The parishioners, who have made a study of the church, and have a passion for history, inspired the children to find out more by explaining how they had carried out their research. The children themselves then started looking around the church at the other plaques and memorials searching for family names from the stories they had heard.

The children visited the grave of Leefe Robinson VC which is in the churchyard extension. They found out that he had shot down the Cuffley Zeppelin and was the first airman to overcome one of these terrifying airships. One of the volunteers described how his father had a day off school to join the whole of the local population at Leefe Robinson’s funeral.

It was easier to access first hand reports and artefacts pertaining to the Second World War. Helmets, gas masks binoculars etc were passed amongst the pupils who were able to try things on and find out more about how they were used. Most importantly the volunteer oral history witnesses brought the topic to life.