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The Project  

The Harrow Weald - One Place Different Times project aimed to stimulate the interest of the local community in the significant, and recognised, heritage artefacts preserved at All Saints' Church. This was achieved by focusing on certain features of the church and its grounds and using them as a basis for the exploration of the cultural heritage of the area and the historical back drop.

Ninety Year 5 children, and the volunteers who worked with them, were given a literal way to ‘touch the past’ through heritage activities. They learned that objects figure in the study of human history because they provide a concrete basis for ideas, and we can validate them. Their preservation, as carried out by All Saints’, demonstrates a recognition of the necessity of the past and of the things that tell its story; also that what one generation considers cultural heritage may

be rejected by another e.g. the cover up of the Butterfield mosaic. Children need to be stimulated to learn about the past and All Saints’, and the affiliated settings we visited, provided an exciting starting point for more exploration of history.

The project linked with the requirements of the new history National Curriculum. These links are reflected in the Educational Resource Pack which may be downloaded from this website. The Year 5 pupils from Weald Junior School were divided into 6 half class groups of 15. Each group had their own topic inspired by the heritage reflected in All Saints’ Church. These topics are featured on this website.