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The Heritage Focus  

Harrow Weald is a culturally/socio economically diverse area and All Saints’ Church is a setting which brings the local community together. The church encourages all faiths and cultures to appreciate their respective heritages.

The heritage artefacts in the church and its grounds have undergone significant restoration in recent years and more work is planned. It is important that the results are seen and understood and that the momentum for preservation is kept up.

We wanted to increase the knowledge of local people about what is available on their doorstep and the work that has recently been put into this historic site. It is envisaged that in this way the community will be drawn in to explore the local history and to contribute from their own experience.

The involvement of children and parishioners through the Harrow Weald - One Place Different Times project is helping to publicise this heritage site to a wider audience through exhibitions, a film, a conference and this website.