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Harrow Museum

An important part of the project was allowing the children to be ‘hands on’ with their learning. Headstone Manor and Harrow Museum provided workshop sessions to link with the topics. These workshops comprised of presentations and handling sessions. The museum had collections of artefacts which related to the First and Second World Wars which the children examined and which prompted them to ask questions.

The Stanburn Blast Shelter in the grounds of Stanburn Primary School, Harrow, has been turned in to a small museum and has a large number of items, maps and films relating to the Second World War. The curator, dressed in 1940s costume, provided the children with an opportunity to investigate the collection and explained the importance of the shelter during the war. The children could relate to the experience of the wartime pupils for whom the building had been a part of their daily lives.

The curator also brought toys and World War 2 artefacts to the church which stimulated discussion with the volunteers who had come to be interviewed as part of the oral history project. It was interesting for the young people to hear those who had lived through the war talk about the artefacts which had once been part of their every day lives.