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The Grim's Dyke

A guided tour of the Grim’s Dyke Hotel, once the home of
W S Gilbert and his wife, gave the children insight into Gilbert’s life and career.

There were opportunities to visit the opulent rooms and study the paintings and artefacts which decorated the interior. The ornate marble fire place in the Music Room prompted a great many questions and the children enjoyed touching the carved surrounds.

While the group explored the grounds the guide told them about the building of the house and all the plants and trees that had been brought there while the Gilberts were the owners. The children were captivated by a visit to the lake which Gilbert had created and where he met his tragic death rescuing a young girl.

The children were also fascinated to hear about the large numbers of strange family pets which roamed about the house and garden. They stopped to look at the grave of Paul, a favourite lemur, who was Gilbert’s constant companion.