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William Butterfield

The Victorian architect William Butterfield designed All Saints Church which was built in 1846. The reredos and east wall of the chancel are finished in a detailed mosaic of small intricate tessellation, designed by him. The walls have been recently restored and unveiled having been painted over since the 1950s when a previous vicar thought that the bold decoration was inappropriate. This was an interesting teaching point for the children who learnt that what is valued at one time may not be appreciated in another period of history.

The children loved the colour and vivacity of the chancel and enjoyed looking at the mosaics close up. They also enjoyed touching the designs and made some rubbings to use as a basis for art work back in school.

The steps by the altar are made of 'English Marble', also known as Derbyshire Fossils. As the name suggest, they were quarried in Derbyshire. The quarry still exists and 'English Marble' can still be obtained. It was a great favourite and used over and over again by William Butterflied in many churches of his design. The children were fascinated and were encouraged to look closely to identify small vestiges contained within the stone. This stimulated a great deal of productive chatter!